Community Gardens helping community thrive

Community Gardens are a place to garden, grow food, flowers and engage with other fellow gardeners. Community Gardeners grow food for their own needs, or to distribute to food banks, neighbors, families and to friends.  Its a place where gardeners come together to connect with the soil, people, find joy and peace. 

On this episode we talk with Wendy Anderson who has managed the Fairbanks Community Gardens for nearly two decades! Listen to her journey and what makes community gardens and the people working the plots thrive. 

Community gardens have a place in all cities, towns and even in rural villages. They are simple in their approach, and encourage the grow your own philosophy.  Eating healthy nutritious food starts with growing your own food and it can be done in a plot at community gardens. The size of the plot can be small or large. Its what grown in it that matters and the joy it brings to people who garden.

This coming summer, I will be at the Fairbanks Community Gardens, where I will meet and talk with the many gardeners who raise flowers, fruits and vegetables in their plots. I hear its an assembly of different cultures, languages and especially the types of vegetables that are being grown. It goes to show, that we can all come together to share culture through food.