Agriculture in Interior Alaska? Yes, Interior Alaska is a place that encourages many people to start an agricultural enterprise. Farming Produce, Foraging Mushrooms, Keeping Bees, Raising Chickens; it’s all here. It’s the passion of these individuals that is changing the landscape of Interior Alaska. It’s their vision, their stories and I bring these visionaries and their stories to you. Join us for fun conversations, surprising disclosures, challenges, the trials, the joys and disappointments and the community support all surrounding this basic ingredient of life, FOOD.

Mushroom Farming in Ester, Alaska

Matt Meares and I have been attempting to get a podcast recording for over a year. Schedules, technical problems, studio challenges kept us from successfully recording. Our fourth attempt was also not perfect, but we

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Plant Kingdom, a new focus

The ever evolving Plant Kingdom.  An established greenhouse under new hands, venturing in expansion and new directions but keeping the essence of the much loved greenhouse intact.  Its a place to find flowers, vegetables, perennials,

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Community Gardens helping community thrive

Community Gardens are a place to garden, grow food, flowers and engage with other fellow gardeners. Community Gardeners grow food for their own needs, or to distribute to food banks, neighbors, families and to friends. 

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