Beekeeping in Alaska

On this episode we are talking about beekeeping!  Yes, beekeeping! There is a growing interest and engagement in beekeeping, not only in Interior Alaska but in the entire state. So why do so many people engage in beekeeping?  Well, some folks engage in this activity because they just like honey.  Some keep bees to provide

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Grow Food Alaska

Growing Food in Interior Alaska

This is first of the series of articles focusing on growing food in interior Alaska. At best it is a challenge.  Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska, and is known for short, sunny summers and long, harsh winters.  outdoor growing season to be from early June to mid-to-late August. Some years the weather

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The Consummate Gardner

From a very young age, I watched my dad fuss around with house plants.  He always had a selection of house plants that he tended to, and it was obvious, he enjoyed tending to his many plants.  These were a variety of plants that were available to him in India, where I grew up.  He

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