From Land Clearing to Meat Cutting, A man with the Midas touch

Tom Gross grew up in a large family where his Dad hunted, the kids cut meat and his mom prepared whatever was brought in.  It was a family affair, and the meat that was brought in was the staple for a large family.  The hunting for meat was not for enjoyment as much as it was for the family’s table. 

Tom’s parents raised him and his siblings in such a wonderful way that according to him, they all were raised to “succeed” in all aspects of their lives. Tom started his journey in the army, landing in Ft Wainwright Alaska and spent three years in Fairbanks base, working for two base commanders as the personal driver.

He started a land clearing enterprise on a whim, he felt there was a need, and he was a huge success working in that business for three decades.  However, the idea of being a butcher, and having a path forward in that venture was not only a part of him since childhood, but he took every opportunity to perfect meat cutting and packing, refining his art and his vision till he eventually started Tommy G’s, a one of a kind meat retail shop and an Italian Grocery store.  Did I mention, he is Italian?  Oh yes! And just when you are so impressed with his many talents, and passions, lets add his talent as an accomplished Opera singer.  He has performed all over the world and is also in much demand to sing at big events, in Alaska.

A man of many talents, and a man who excels is everything he does. A man with the Midas touch!

Join me and many listeners as they listen to Tom’s story and his journey to where he had always wanted to be.  Cutting meat, providing the best meat experience to everyone, and expanding our culinary palates with unique Italian groceries.  And if, you are in town, go see the man in action.  He might even come out and sing for you. Tommy G’s will not disappoint and is located at 3290 Peger Road, Fairbanks Alaska.