Plant Kingdom Greenhouse & Nursery

This is the second in series about Greenhouses in Interior. Plant Kingdom began its origins under the Cyndie Warbelow but was then sold to Stephanie Bluekens, a young, energetic, go getter young lady, who had love of gardening and worked at the greenhouse during her time off from working up on the north slope. She was given the opportunity to buy the greenhouse and she’s never looked back. The rhythm of the greenhouse has never slowed down. It’s almost like nothing changed, but Stephanie has made many changes that enhances the greenhouse, and her vision has expansion thoughts that she is carefully and methodically executing. Well, that is who she is!

Stephanie is born and raised in Fairbanks, Ak, her family is from Fort Yukon and Rampart, both based in rural Alaska. Her passion to help rural areas in Alaska, especially interior Alaska, takes her on missions to teach people how to grow healthy, nutritious food, engaging adults and children.

Her vision has enabled her to expand the use of greenhouses in off season for events like weddings and other celebratory events. She holds fun events like Scavenger hunts, Easter Egg hunts and events that attract families. She is a mom, raising a young daughter, she is a savvy businesswoman, and she is passionate about growing awareness for healthy food. If you have not been to the green house, now’s the time! Its overflowing with flowers, vegetables, herbs, perennials, shrubs and bulbs.