Agriculture in Interior Alaska? Yes, Interior Alaska is a place that encourages many people to start an agricultural enterprise. Farming Produce, Foraging Mushrooms, Keeping Bees, Raising Chickens; it’s all here. It’s the passion of these individuals that is changing the landscape of Interior Alaska. It’s their vision, their stories and I bring these visionaries and their stories to you. Join us for fun conversations, surprising disclosures, challenges, the trials, the joys and disappointments and the community support all surrounding this basic ingredient of life, FOOD.

Chaga and its emerging popularity

On this episode we talk with Callen Christensen who runs Alaska’s only Chaga Cooperative. Chaga is becoming more mainstream.  There is awareness and use of it that is increasing.  However, this poses challenges as accurate

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Roaming Root: Connect with Local Goodness

Episode Description:Local connections, local producers, local farmers and crafters. How is this one person bringing a diverse large community of makers, creators, producers and growers and shoppers together under one roof. We are talking with

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Beekeeping in Alaska

On this episode we are talking about beekeeping!  Yes, beekeeping! There is a growing interest and engagement in beekeeping, not only in Interior Alaska but in the entire state. So why do so many people

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