Hannah Hill, Feeding People and affirming lives in Fairbanks, Alaska

In this episode Hannah Hill, Executive Director of Breadline, Inc speaks about food security and the need to address and reduce hunger in our community. 

Bread Line is an anti-hunger organization that has been serving the Fairbanks community since 1984

For almost 40 years, the Bread Line has helped feed people and affirm lives in the Fairbanks, Alaska.

Our conversation brought home the issue of homelessness, hunger, food reliance and how organizations such as Breadline are helping those in need for food.  Often, its through the generosity of people, using surplus food and through private donations that this work can be done.  Its a serious and sobering conversation.  Its people who work every day to provide healthy nutritious meals to those who have nowhere to go and get food. Its about the kindness that is shown to those in  need and preserving their dignity.

Its about bringing awareness about the very basic necessity for all people, FOOD.

In this episode we learn about how Breadline is handling hunger and affirming lives via four different programs.  Hunger is a subject that is uncomfortable to learn about.  How can there be so much need?  This is not a third world environment, this is a community that has a lot of economic engines working to promote a quality of life and a place of culture, education and activities that attract tourism from all over the world.  And yet, there is a segment of our society that has no place to live and no food to eat.  It can’t be ignored, or wished away or even not “seen”. Its a sad aspect of our community where people are hungry and need shelter.  It is therefore, incredibly fortunate that we have good folks like Hannah Hill who are working everyday to take care of hunger and affirming lives.