Mushroom Farming in Ester, Alaska

Matt Meares and I have been attempting to get a podcast recording for over a year. Schedules, technical problems, studio challenges kept us from successfully recording. Our fourth attempt was also not perfect, but we decided to go ahead with it. Waiting for perfection was preventing me from telling this wonderful story about interior Alaska’s

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Plant Kingdom, a new focus

The ever evolving Plant Kingdom.  An established greenhouse under new hands, venturing in expansion and new directions but keeping the essence of the much loved greenhouse intact.  Its a place to find flowers, vegetables, perennials, shrubs along with joy, peace and tranquility, and soon coffee!   Stephanie Bluekens is a young dynamic entrepreneur who has jumped

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Chaga and its emerging popularity

On this episode we talk with Callen Christensen who runs Alaska’s only Chaga Cooperative. Chaga is becoming more mainstream.  There is awareness and use of it that is increasing.  However, this poses challenges as accurate information, benefits, problems and sustainability need to be upfront as more people “try it out”.  Chaga is complex and its

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