Chaga and its emerging popularity

On this episode we talk with Callen Christensen who runs Alaska’s only Chaga Cooperative. Chaga is becoming more mainstream.  There is awareness and use of it that is increasing.  However, this poses challenges as accurate information, benefits, problems and sustainability need to be upfront as more people “try it out”.  Chaga is complex and its efficacy not researched in US and as there are no studies supporting its use and benefits. So, let’s look at what Chaga really is and how one can responsibly forage, distribute and use it. 

Updated Comment:  The interview may lead one to deduce that Callen is saying a subsidy to bring commercial fertilizer is the way to go.  Not true! The subsidy he would like to see is for small farms that grow high quality food using organic ways. He would like to see the government subsidizing local production of organic fertilizer, such as a composting program.